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Tips for traveling with Kids

Tips for traveling with Kids


If you’re on this page you are looking into having an awesome adventure with the kids. Camper van holidays are overtaking standard package holidays as the most desirable escape for families. Avoid airport stress and luggage restrictions and enjoy the freedom, adventure and flexibility it offers.

Below is are list of things to consider when traveling with Kids.

  • Make a plan before you go – decide on your destination and list anything you want to visit while there.
  • Don’t over plan – Remember it’s a holiday and having an outline is great but as us families know, things change. So don’t stress if you don’t get everything ticked off your list. Be flexible.
  • Food – We provide you with coffee and tea, but its a good idea to have a few basics so you don’t have to go straight off to the supermarket. Personally we normally take breakfast with us and eat out the first night of arrival.
  • Hire a bike rack – Great to be able to just take off on your bike and explore as a family. You could even send the kids off on an errand to the camp-site shop, while you relax in the sunshine with a glass of something cold.
  • Pack light – Yes you will need things for all weathers as after all you are staying in the great outdoors, but most camp-sites have washing machines on site and we provide you with a washing line to make it easy for you when the kids get dirty!
  • Pack fun stuff –  We offer packs for all ages to help keep the kids entertained. A pack of cards, chess boards, Uno, coloring pens and paper are provided, also outdoor games, like a kite, football don’t take up much room and are always good fun to play with the family.

If you have any questions about hiring a campervan from us please get in-touch. We are very happy to help make your next family adventure run as smoothly as possible.