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Planning your trip away to the wine regions in France…

Planning your trip away to the wine regions in France…

Wine tours Campervan style, with Cookies Campers..

Click on the links below to help plan your next holiday to the some of the world’s number one wine regions. Wine regions generally offer some of the most spectacular scenery and architecture you can find, so even if you are not motivated by the free wine tastings, touring a wine region will take you through some splendid areas and many excellent itineraries have already been created for you to follow. If you are touring a wine region with one of our campervan you will be able to stay at vineyards overnight at the invitation of many winemakers though our membership of the France Passion scheme. If you plan to really enter into the spirit of the wine-tasting and stay overnight at the vineyard just remember to pick up some local cheese and fresh bread en-route or call into a local “traiteur” (sort of a delicatessen that makes meals ready to heat and serve) and pick up a regional specialty for supper. Each of the wine regions can suggest where to tour so all you have to decide is which region to visit – here are some links to sites that have done all the work for you.



Why a VW California Campervan is the best way to holiday

Why a VW California Campervan is the best way to holiday


Apart from the many features of the California we have mentioned in other posts, lets just think about the real reasons you might want to consider going on a campervan holiday, hear are a few reasons to convince you….. or your partner.…..

1. Be free..

No other method of travel offers such freedom, with a campervan you will be able to get into almost the same areas as a car with the convenience of your own ‘home’ on board. You can always find a place to stay, allowing you to follow a flexible campervan route at your own pace lingering when the time is right and heading in the direction your mood takes you.

2. See a new view everyday

Whether at the top of a mountain or at the seaside, you’re spoiled for choice in Europe when it comes to parking up for the night in some of the most picturesque locations. With each stop comes the opportunity to explore, discover and get away from day to day life.

3. Enjoy nature

Who doesn’t love breathing clean fresh air, hearing the serene sounds of nature, watching the sunrises and sunsets, feeling the seaside saltiness and smelling the dinner being cooked on the campfire… Few other forms of travel offer so much daily interaction and connection with the natural world.  It simply makes you happy!!

4. Be social

You will be surprised at how often you will meet like minded people and experience a camping culture that is welcoming. Now with websites like French Passion, you will easily find a place to stay and people to meet.

5. Be ready to discover

On a campervan road trip, getting there is more than half the fun. Follow your nose down roads less traveled to encounter the unexpected – beaches, a small-town museum or historic site. Slow down, relax and be ready to discover..

And the best reason of all

Who doesn’t need a break from technology – smartphones, computers, tablets, television, movies, internet, video games, and so on?