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Tips for traveling with Kids

Tips for traveling with Kids


If you’re on this page you are looking into having an awesome adventure with the kids. Camper van holidays are overtaking standard package holidays as the most desirable escape for families. Avoid airport stress and luggage restrictions and enjoy the freedom, adventure and flexibility it offers.

Below is are list of things to consider when traveling with Kids.

  • Make a plan before you go – decide on your destination and list anything you want to visit while there.
  • Don’t over plan – Remember it’s a holiday and having an outline is great but as us families know, things change. So don’t stress if you don’t get everything ticked off your list. Be flexible.
  • Food – We provide you with coffee and tea, but its a good idea to have a few basics so you don’t have to go straight off to the supermarket. Personally we normally take breakfast with us and eat out the first night of arrival.
  • Hire a bike rack – Great to be able to just take off on your bike and explore as a family. You could even send the kids off on an errand to the camp-site shop, while you relax in the sunshine with a glass of something cold.
  • Pack light – Yes you will need things for all weathers as after all you are staying in the great outdoors, but most camp-sites have washing machines on site and we provide you with a washing line to make it easy for you when the kids get dirty!
  • Pack fun stuff –  We offer packs for all ages to help keep the kids entertained. A pack of cards, chess boards, Uno, coloring pens and paper are provided, also outdoor games, like a kite, football don’t take up much room and are always good fun to play with the family.

If you have any questions about hiring a campervan from us please get in-touch. We are very happy to help make your next family adventure run as smoothly as possible.



A weekend in La Colmiane with Cookies Campers

A weekend in La Colmiane with Cookies Campers

Friends and Family enjoying a fantastic weekend in La Colmiane

La Colmiane

Altitude: 1,500 to 1,800m




Fancy a trip to the Snow…..

Fancy a trip to the Snow…..

From downhill, Alpine skiing to cross-country and snowboarding – the region’s winter-sports facilities in full…

It is often assumed that the Alpes-Maritimes mountains are too close to the Côte d’Azur with its mild winters to offer any serious skiing options however the high altitudes and favourable weather conditions can make skiing possible right through until April.

The largest resorts in the region are Isola 2000, Auron and Valberg/Beuil but there are many small resorts that offer competitively priced lift passes and are in easy reach for a day or weekend trip.

There are 465 peaks over 2,000 meters in the region with, towards the Italian border, six peaks standing over 3,000 metres.

Ski Resorts in the Alpes-Maritimes

L’Audibergue, Andon, Caille

Altitude: 1,640 m

  • Andon Tourist Office Tel: 04 93 60 00 17
  • Caille Mairie Tel: 04 93 60 31 51
  • Access: Take the N85 (Route Napoléon) north of Grasse. Travel about 32 Km, then turn right onto the D79, for about 2 Km, then the D81 and the D181
  • Facilities: Alpine skiing: 7 green runs, 8 blue runs, 6 red, 1 black, and a beginner’s slope. Ski-lifts
    Cross-country and snow shoeing: 28 Km


Altitude: 1,600 to 2,450m (lowest accessible ski point: 1,140m. Highest accessible ski point: 2,450m)

  • Auron Tourist Office
    Tel: 04 93 23 02 66
    Fax: 04 93 23 07 39 
  • Access Car: 90 Km from Nice. Take the RN 202 towards Digne and Grenoble. After 30 Km, take the road towards Auron/Saint Etienne de Tinée
  • Facilities: 130 Km of pistes in three areas, Las Donnas, Sauma Longue and Demandols. Alpine skiing: 4 green runs, 13 blue, 14 red and 5 black
    25 ski-lifts
    Ski de Fond: 4 Km circuit
    Snowboarding at Surf Land
    Snow-shoeing, paraski, snow scooters, dog-sleigh rides, skating rink, gym and movie house. Special facilities for children. Baby sitters available, info at tourist office


Altitude: 1,430 to 2,100 m

  • Beuil Tourist Office Tel: 04 93 02 32 58
  • Access Car: 78 Km north of Nice, next to the larger centre, Valberg. A8 to Saint Isidore, then the RN 202 towards Dinge, take the D28 via the gorge du cians or the D2202 via the gorges de Daluis and Guillaumes.
  • Access Bus: Daily bus from Nice Bus station with Société Broch. Tel: 04 93 31 10 52/04 93 07 63 28.
  • Facilities: Alpine skiing: 59 pistes, 12 green, 13 blue, 22 red and 12 black.
    21 ski-lifts and 6 chair-lifts.
    Ski de Fond: 26km.
    Nordic skiing: 12km.

Le Boréon

Altitude: 1,500 m

  • Tourist Office Tel: 04 93 03 21 28
  • Access: Follow the RN 202 then take the RD 2265 via Vésubie to Saint-Martin-Vésubie and Le Boréon.
  • Facilities: Cross-country skiing with five courses, from 2 Km 7,5 Km
    Snow-shoe area and dog-sleigh rides

La Colmiane

Altitude: 1,400 to 1,850m

  • La Colmiane Tourist Office
    : 04 93 23 25 90
    Fax: 04 93 23 25 91
  • Access Car: RN 202 towards Digne and Grenoble. Take the D 2205, then, after la Bollinette, turn right onto the D 2565
  • Facilities: Alpine skiing: 4 green, 6 blue, 8 red and 2 black
    7 ski-lifts
    Cross-country and Nordic skiing: 16 Km
    Snow-boarding and monoski
    Snow park

Estenc, Entraunes

Altitude: 1,250m

  • Mairie Tel: 04 93 05 51 26
  • Access: (from Nice): Take the RN 202, then the D 2202, via the gorge de Daluis
  • Facilities: Alpine skiing: 1 alpine piste
    Cross-country : 11 Km, with 3 routes
    Several snow-shoe routes


Altitude: 1,400 to 1,800m

  • Gréolières
  • MairieTel: 04 93 59 95 16
  • Access: 27 Km north from Grasse. Take the N85 and then the D2 to Gréolières
  • Facilities: Alpine skiing: 7 green, 3 blue, 13 red, 2 black.
    11 ski-lifts
    Cross-country skiing: 30 Km

Isola 2000

Altitude: 1,800 to 2,610m

  • Isola 2000 Tourist Office
    Tel: 04 93 23 15 15
    Fax: 04 93 23 14 15
  • Season: December to early May
  • Access: Take the RN 202 for about 28 Km. Turn right onto the D 2205 towards Saint Sauveur sur Tinée, then the Saint Etienne de Tinée to Isola
  • Facilities: Alpine skiing: 8 green, 19 blue, 17 red, 5 black.
    24 ski-lifts
    Cross-country: 1 x 3km circuit
    Snowboarding, ice driving, snow scooters, skating rink, karting, snow-shoeing, helicopter drops, dog-sleigh rides, sleighs, ice diving, gym and cyber café
    Children: Ski school and sports club, and baby sitting facilities


Altitude: 1,410 to 1,910m

  • Roubion Tourist Office
    : 04 93 02 10 30
  • Access (from Nice): 70 Km from Nice. Take the RN 202, then the D2205 until Saint-Sauveur sur Tinée. As you exit the village, take the left fork to Roubion, on the D30
  • Facilities: Alpine skiing: 2 green, 5 blue, 12 red, 1 black.
    7 ski-lifts
    Cross-country: 20 Km with 2 circuits, 1 red, 1 blue
    Open Wednesday afternoons and weekends

Turini, Camp d’Argent

Altitude: 1,600 to 1,920m

  • Tourist Office
    Tel: 04 93 03 60 52
  • Access (from Nice): Take the RN 202, then the D2565 towards Vésubie. Take the D70, after Lantosque. Pass la Bollène-Vésubie and continue for about 10 Km, to Turini
  • Facilities: Alpine skiing: 1 green, 1 blue, 2 red. 4 ski-lifts to 1,900m
    Cross-country: 15 Km of routes, 1 green, 1 blue, 12 red, 1 black
    Snow-shoeing, walking routes and dog sled


Altitude: 1,650m

  • ValbergTourist Office
    Tel: 04 93 23 24 25
    Fax: 04 93 02 52 27
  • Access Car (from Nice): A8 to Saint Isidore, RN 202 towards Digne, take the D28 via the gorge du cians or the D2202 via the gorges de Daluis and Guillaumes.
  • Acces Bus: daily bus from Nice bus station with Société Broch. Tel: 04 93 31 10 52
  • Facilities: Alpine skiing: 11 green, 13 blue, 22 red and 12 black
    20 ski lifts, 6 ski chair lifts
    Cross-country: 25 Km, 3 circuits
    Snow-shoeing: 10 Km of routes
    Paraski, ice climbing, movie house, disco and gym
    Children: mini ski chair lifts and special entertainment in the snow garden

Val d’Allos

Altitude: 1,800 to 2,575m

  • Val d’Allos
    Tel: 04 92 83 02 81
  • Access: located in Alpes de Haute Provence, but only 120 Km from Nice
  • Facilities: 230 Km of runs in two areas: Le Seignus and La Foux
    Alpine skiing: 15 green, 25 blue, 37 red, 9 black, 51 lifts
    Ski de Fond: 20 Km circuit
    Snow-shoeing, driving on ice, cross country skiing, ice skating, snow scooter, game areas, and toy library
  • Children: Special areas for children and day nurseries

Val Casterino

Altitude: 1,540m

  • Tende-Val des Merveilles Tourist office
    Tel: 04 93 04 73 71
  • Access: Follow the RN 204, then take the left fork to the village, Saint-Dalmas de Tende
  • Facilities: Cross-country: 24 Km in the Roya valley. 1 green, 1 blue and 1 red. Snow-shoeing in the Mercantour

Val Pelens

Altitude: 1,600 to 2,035m

  • Snow Station
    : 04 93 05 52 83
  • Access: 109 Km from Nice, via Valberg, on the RN 202 and then D 2202
  • Facilities: Alpine skiing: 4 green, 3 blue and 1 red
    3 ski-lifts
    Cross-country and Nordic skiing: 3 routes over 10 Km
    Children: Special areas for children

Just over the border: Italy

Limone in Piemonte Italy, within easy reach from Southern France, is highly recommended.

Altitude: 1,000m

  • Tourist office: Limone Uffici di Informazione (242004)
    Piazza Municipio Via Roma 30
    Tel: +39 0 92 101 171
    Fax: +39 0 92 101 927 064
  • Access: A8 to Menton. Exit 59, Menton, Sospel, D2566 through Castillon. Follow D2204, N204 to Italy. SS20 to Limone.
  • Facilities: 29 Lifts – highest lift: 2,050m (6,725ft), lowest lift: 1,032m (3,386ft)
    46 slopes cater for beginner, intermediate and expert
    Total piste length: 90 Km
    Cross-country: 9 Km piste
    Ice rink and paragliding, snowboarding

Rules for the snow

  • Respect: All slope-users must always behave in such a way that they do not endanger others nor harm them by their behaviour or their equipment
  • Stopping: Do not stop in a narrow area or one with restricted visibility. If you fall, get off the route as fast as possible
  • Speed: Adapt your speed according to the conditions – crowds, poor visibility
  • Walking: If you are walking up or down a slope, keep to the side
  • Signs: Always take note of and respect signs concerning slope and weather conditions
  • Overtaking: You may overtake above or below a slower skier, or to the left or right of them, but only if there is enough space to do so
  • Assistance: If you witness or cause an accident, you must stop to give help, and make yourself available to rescue teams or the Piste Patrol

Further Information

Welcoming ‘Bert’ Our New 2017 California Coast

Welcoming ‘Bert’ Our New 2017 California Coast

VW California T6 How-to videos

VW California T6 How-to videos

Handy how-to videos so you can prepare your California for the great outdoors.

Rear Folding Bench/Bed

Discover how to quickly transform the Volkswagen California’s rear seating into a comfortable bed, allowing sleeping space for up to four adults.

Side Awning and Camping Table

Discover how easy it is to set up the California’s side awning and camping table – giving you extra space to enjoy the outdoors.

Swivel Chairs, Bench and Table

Need more space for entertaining? Not a worry with the Volkswagen California’s handy interior table.

Pop-up Roof

Learn how to easily operate the Volkswagen California Ocean’s electronic pop-up roof.



Portable Toilet setup.