A weekend in Limone

A weekend in Limone

Cookies Campers in Limone Italy


Limone in Piemonte Italy, within easy reach from Southern France, is highly recommended.

Altitude: 1,400m

  • Tourist office: Limone Uffici di Informazione (242004)
    Piazza Municipio Via Roma 30
    Tel: +39 0 92 101 171
    Fax: +39 0 92 101 927 064
  • Access: Click here for directions
  • Facilities: 29 Lifts – highest lift: 2,050m (6,725ft), lowest lift: 1,032m (3,386ft)
    46 slopes cater for beginner, intermediate and expert
    Total piste length: 90 Km
    Cross-country: 9 Km piste
    Ice rink and paragliding, snowboarding
  • Accommodation: Camping Luis Matlas

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