Discover FRANCE PASSION with Cookies Campers…..

Discover FRANCE PASSION with Cookies Campers…..

Campervan in Rural France….. Exploring the wine growing regions and much more……


Unlock the secrets of rural France and savour authentic French gastronomy!

The France Passion guide offers over 9500 FREE stopover sites, covering 91 different departments.  You will find 900 farmers, 800 winegrowers, 215 craftsmen/women, and farm inns all over France waiting to welcome you for a free stopover on their properties.

Enjoy safe and peaceful nights in all the regions of France, meet hosts passionate about their work and try their produce: olive oil, cheeses, wines from all the wine growing regions, organic fruit and vegetables, cured meats, honey, foie gras…

The principle is simple: Farmers and winegrowers invite you to stay free overnight on their properties for up to 24h.

France Passion hosts offer a friendly welcome, a flat stable parking site, and advice and insider tips on local places to visit.

The only requirements to use this incredible network of sites are:

a self contained campervan/motorhome (water and waste)

an up to date Stopover Guide (Provided by Cookies Campers)

• and to follow the France PassionGolden rules(greet your hosts on arrival, leave the site clean, let your hosts know when you leave…)


The France Passion concept was invented when the editor of a wine magazine noticed that more and more campervans and  motorhomes were exploring the winegrowing regions of France. He realised that it was not easy for them to find a safe place to park overnight in these rural areas.

His idea was to organise a network of winegrowers who could provide a free private parking space on their land, and were happy to welcome motorhomes all year round for an overnight stopover or a 24 hour stay.

Several dozen vineyard owners decided to join, convinced that the France Passion system would make visiting their area an easier and more rewarding experience for motorhomes. That was in 1992…

Since those pioneering days, the network has taken off, now including close to 2000 host properties


From 1994 the network was extended with the help of the Vignerons Indépendants de France (National Confederation of Independent Winegrowers), encompassing Alsace, Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Jura and the Loire valley.

In 1997, fruit, cheese, and honey producers joined the network as a result of a partnership with the Chambers of Agriculture and the “Bienvenue à la Ferme” network.


France Passion now covers the whole of France, expanding to accommodate the ever increasing numbers of cmapervan and motorhomes visiting from Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, Finland… and, of course, France.



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